Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gay marriage!

An issue that sweeps the nation and can be Controversial is gay marriage. Some people think gay marriage is going against the bible. Some think there's nothing wrong with gay marriage. I personally think there's nothing wrong with it because you cant control who you love. People who is highly religious and tend to justify gay marriage with the bible. I feel if people justify everything from the bible EVERY ONE of us is going to hell. Everybody sins no matter who you are. It is human nature. Gay marriage has swept the halls of congress, states, etc. i think gay marriage should be legalized in every nation. You should be happy with anybody you want. People cant change your feelings. Why would gay marriage be a bad thing? People treat gay people like their not human, their people with real feelings, just an attraction for the same sex. I think gay people go through a lot. Some people that are religious think being gay is caused by a demon and to me, that's bull. Being gay isn't a disease, you're not born gay it just happens. I don' think this should be an issue especially in America. America is not a democracy but a hypocrisy. We suppose to be the land of dreams and yet we're not really free to do whatever. Our freedom is definitely not guaranteed

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